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Speciality Name Consulting Times
Neurosurgery and and Spinal Surgery Alishakevich, Ales Thursday mornings monthly bookings 9008.4200
Nephrologist Branley, Dr Pauline Monday morning
Cardiothoracic Surgeon Cochrane, Mr Andrew alternating Thursday pm monthly
Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist Dilip, Dr Ratnam Thursday afternoons bookings 9595.6666
Endocrinologist Dr Jimmy Shen Monday morning fortnightly
Colorectal, Gastrointestinal, Obesity & General Surgeon Duieb, Mr Zeev Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon (alternating) Wednesday afternoon monthly
Rheumatologist (Consultant) Engel, Dr Sam Alternate Wednesday am
Nephrologist Flanc, Dr Robert Tuesday am / pm
Physiotherapy Friend, Mr Rodney bookings 9570 2749
Consultant Geriatrician Gobbo, Dr Olivia Thursday afternoon weekly - Wednesday afternoon monthly
Endocrine Surgeon Harding, Dr Jane Tuesday afternoon (monthly) bookings 8415.1655
Respiratory/Sleep Physician Huang, Dr Paul Tuesday pm weekly - bookings 8548 1233
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician Jennings, Dr Barton Wednesday am and Thursday pm
Cardiologist Lin,Dr Andrew Thursday am fortnightly
Dietitian / Nutritionist Melissa Selan Thursday afternoon fortnightly
Endocrinologist Meyer, Dr Caroline Tuesday and Thursday
Endocrinologist and Osteoporosis Specialist Milat, Dr Frances Thursday mornings weekly
Physiotherapist (Respiratory) Moore, Rosemary Monday mornings (fortnightly)
Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Chris Jones Tuesday pm monthly bookings 9592 7199
Vascular Surgeon Mr Peter Chu Fridays monthly - bookings 9329 4009.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Mr Simon Overstall Monday pm fortnightly
Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Physician Ong, Dr Chong Weng Thursday afternoon
Cardiothoracic Surgeon Pick, Mr Adrian Tuesday mornings - every 2nd month
Gynaecologist Ransome, Dr Claire Wednesday am
Orthopaedic Surgeon Robin, Mr Joseph D Tuesday afternoon (fortnightly)
Paediatric Gastroenterologist Schildkraut, Dr Vered Wednesday Morning (Monthly)
Cardiologist Seneviratne, Dr Sujith Friday am / pm fortnightly bookings 9592.2177
Endocrinologist Soldatos, Dr Georgia Monday mornings and alternate Friday morning / afternoon
Haematologist/Oncologist Stanley, Dr Robert Wednesday afternoons
Respiratory/Sleep Physician Tesfai, Dr Amanuel Monday afternoon, Friday morning
Psychiatrist Tosson, Dr Amir Wednesday morning
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician Wong, Dr Ai-Ming Thursday am fortnightly
Prosthetist/Orthotist Woolley, Mr Damian Tuesday afternoons - fortnightly
Vascular/Endovascular Surgeon Yii, Mr Ming Kon Monday morning