Medical Specialists List
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Speciality Name Consulting Times
Nephrologist Branley, Dr Pauline Monday morning
Urologist Donnellan,Mr Scott for appointments contact 9769 4805
Colorectal, Gastrointestinal, Obesity & General Surgeon Duieb, Mr Zeev for aopointments contact Holmesglen Hospital on 9567.9080
Rheumatologist (Consultant) Engel, Dr Sam for appointments contact 9525 8279
Nephrologist Flanc, Dr Robert Tuesday am / pm
Consultant Geriatrician Gobbo, Dr Olivia Thursday afternoon weekly - Wednesday afternoon monthly
Endocrine Surgeon Harding, Dr Jane for appointments contact main rooms 8415 1655
Respiratory/Sleep Physician Huang, Dr Paul for appointments contact 9570 6460
Urologist Manohar, Mr Paul for appointments contact 9769 4805
Endocrinologist Meyer, Dr Caroline appointments contact Holmesglen Hospital 9989 0690
Endocrinologist and Osteoporosis Specialist Milat, Dr Frances Thursday mornings weekly
Physiotherapist (Respiratory) Moore, Rosemary Monday mornings (fortnightly)
Sleep Apnoea Dentist Oliver, Dr Rebecca firday mornings weekly
Respiratory /Sleep Disorders Physician Ong, Dr Chong Weng Thursday afternoon
Orthopaedic Surgeon Robin, Mr Joseph D for appointments contact main rooms 9044 4555
Paediatric Gastroenterologist Schildkraut, Dr Vered appointments contact Holmesglen Hospital 95679080
Cardiologist Seneviratne, Dr Sujith for appointments contact 9592.2177
Endocrinologist Shen, Dr Jimmy for appointments contact 9567 9080
Haematologist/Oncologist Stanley, Dr Robert for appointments contact man rooms 9509 3744
Respiratory/Sleep Physician Tesfai, Dr Amanuel for appointments contact 9570 5438
Psychiatrist Tosson, Dr Amir for appointments contact 9645 7388
Vascular/Endovascular Surgeon Yii, Mr Ming Kon Monday mornings fortnightly