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Directors’ Statement

Moorabbin Specialist Centre is a health service providing excellence in Specialist Medical Care to the Melbourne District since 1994. Initially the centre was owned and operated by a small group of specialists, but due to changing circumstances in 2001, the centre was offered for sale. In order to prevent a potential loss of health services to the community, a group of local medical practitioners and their administration staff banded together to purchase Moorabbin Specialist Centre. This has been a very successful move and has benefited the community enormously by retaining access to the highly skilled professionals that may otherwise have been lost.

The Centre’s Policy is to provide a high quality environment for medical and health service providers, so that they can service the wider community. In addition we respect their patients and treat them with the dignity and compassion they deserve. We especially emphasise the crucial and pivotal role of the patient’s family doctor and assist the specialists to keep family doctors integrated into a patient’s treatment.

Our future is to continue providing these outstanding services to the City of Melbourne. Our commitment is to the local doctors, specialists, allied health workers and their patients to provide the best service possible for the benefit of all.

With best wishes,

The Directors
Moorabbin Specialist Centre