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Jennings, Dr Barton
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

Consulting Times: Wednesday am and Thursday pm

Dr Barton Jennings is a Specialist in Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Disorders.

Dr Jennings is the director of Lung Cancer and Bronchoscopy at Monash Health where his main clinical interest is in the management of patients with lung nodules, lung masses, mediastinal lymphadenopathy and lung cancers. 

Dr Jennings performs regular bronchoscopy lists at Cabrini, Epworth, Monash and Dandenong Hospitals. These include normal bronchoscopy, as well as Linear and Radial EBUS. 

Dr Jennings other main interest is the management of patients with snoring, daytime sleepiness and sleep disorders. 

Dr Jennings performs private, public and home based Sleep Studies.

Appointments: 9579 0100 (MSC)